Johnson and Johnson

Virtual Leadership Meeting

Covid-19 put instant pressure on Johnson & Johnson’s supply chain and its ability to pivot with speed. Agility would be key, from the development of a vaccine, to the manufacture of more personalized medical devices, to the delivery of consumer products. The goal of J&J’s 2020 Global Supply Chain Conference was to both celebrate the contributions of each individual employee enterprise-wide, and challenge them to embrace their role as change agents in the J&J supply chain.

Against the limitations of a global pandemic, Image Media produced a virtual event that the client said, “set the standard for live meetings…it was so much more than virtual,” kicking off with an inspiring keynote video placing J&J’s current supply chain alongside historical figures –internally and externally -- whose innovative thinking have changed the trajectory of all our lives. The takeaway message for every employee: Only by embracing the role of change agent can J&J meet heightened customer and consumer expectations.