Pratt & Whitney

Culture Change

When Pratt & Whitney, a 95-year old manufacturer of engines for military and civilian aircraft, sought to transform its corporate culture – from traditional top-down and discouraging of employee engagement, to one of transparency and empowerment – it looked to Image Media to help its leaders spread the word and enact the change necessary to compete in a modern corporate environment; to help drive culture change at all levels, from C-suite leadership, to middle managers, to line workers.

The company’s top executives received training from the Thayer Leader Development Group at West Point, and those lessons were first disseminated internally at P&W’s Image Media-produced Executive Leadership Conference. There, inspiring videos created by Image Media took center stage, and leaders left the event armed with Image Media-developed toolkits – iterated in 14 languages – designed to bring behavior, attitude and, ultimately, universal cultural change, to P&W’s 44,000-strong global workforce.