Virtual Leadership Conference

Tasked with overcoming the critical mass of internal virtual communications during a pandemic, The Image Media Team didn’t just check a box when it came to redesigning the Sodexo Leadership Conference. We leveraged our client knowledge and infused event strategy to elevate key directives for one of the nation’s leading food service companies.

The front lines of Covid response are filled with Sodexo food service and healthcare workers who are going above and beyond every day. The annual Leadership Conference was an opportunity to acknowledge the heroic efforts and gear up for the next phase of Sodexo’s sales initiatives.

We amplified the Sodexo pride meter by turning our focus to the heroic stories of their team members battling alongside their customers on the frontlines of this global crisis. We used their inspiring actions as our engagement engine to introduce various segments and launch executive presentations to our “LIVE” virtual program.

This authentic voice was the driving force in transforming a 2,000 in-person event in just a matter of weeks into a motivational virtual experience. We choreographed the flow of information to provide a pace that kept everyone engaged and inspired through several working sessions.

Our year in review video, a CEO Global Panel Discussion and 12 “Hero” videos were the perfect compliments to leadership presentations and the company’s strategy for the coming year. Our further addition of “The Medici Effect” Author, Frans Johannson, was the final element as he shared how “Diversity and Inclusion” go hand in hand with “Innovation” to prepare them to succeed in the ever-changing food service industry.